I have fallen off the Type 2 wagon after a successful weight loss program participation.

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SarahG Posted: Wed, Oct 21 2009 10:14 AM

I am 2 years diagnosed with Type 2. I went to Joslin for 6 months and did a very successful diabetes management and weight loss effort. After losing the structure I went back to old habits and pretended I was not diabetic. I am mad at myself and sheepish in terms of returning to Joslin. I don't however want to run into health trouble. Any ideas or feedback about getting my head, attitude and body to doing a better job at this disease I wish I didn't have?


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Spirit replied on Wed, Oct 21 2009 11:33 AM

Sarah:  Starting over is not the problem.  NOT starting over and continuing to ignore your diabetes IS the problem.  Congratulate yourself on re-dedicating yourself to your own health care.

I imagine Joslin has lots of retunrees, so I wouldn't make a big deal about that.  This time, though, it might be helpful if you track what parts of the structure of their program appeal most and are things you can incorporate into your daily habits.  On the flip side, what are the red flags that can cause problems?  Food portions?  Specific foods?  A time of day when you are most likely to eat the wrong stuff?  If you can figure out a way to short circuit these problems it might help.  A friend of mine LOVES ice cream and most of her diet efforts took that off the menu.  So, when she had some ice cream, she felt so guilty anyway that she tossed in the towel and dished herself a huge portion on the theory that since she was violating her diet anyway she might as well do it in a big way as a small way.  Then she began to follow a diabetic meal plan.  Every day she had a 1/2 cup portion of ice cream.  Granted, not the healthiest choice around, but it helped her maintain her meal plan.  Because she knew that sized portion was "allowed" and that she could have ice cream every day if she wanted to, it took the guilt away and allowed her to truly enjoy her treat.  That made it easier for her to stick to healthier foods all the rest of the day since she could honestly look forward to a treat later on.  She lost more weight this way than on any other "diet" plan and has kept it off.  She even managed to go on vacation, enjoy all her meals and lose five pounds!

Maybe you can use the above example to your advantage and find the things that will make your meal plan the most attractive to you.  If something feels too hard or restrictive, chances are we won't follow it too long. 

Best of luck to you.  Stop by and let us know how you are doing.


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