Working out and lows

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eec1023 Posted: Tue, Jun 22 2010 8:36 PM

I love going to the gym, but I hate having to keep my blood sugar high from lunch to be able to work out. So days my sugar is below 190, I don't go to the gym because my sugar will drop. Does anyone have any helpful hints on how to work out with Type I?  What foods to eat and when I should eat them to keep my sugar up?  Thanks!

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I have had type 1 for 43 years and go to the gym weekly.  A suggestion that I heard on a Webinar class is useful if you have a pump.  You didn't mention this.  I reduce my basal rate to about 50% for 2 hours prior to exercising.  This has been very helpful and seems to keep me from going too low.  Of course, I test prior to exercising and if I am about 100-150, I do eat about 15 grams of Carbs.  Best of luck!.  



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eec1023 replied on Thu, Jun 24 2010 10:00 PM

Thanks!  Im going on the Omnipod in about a month...can't wait! Right now Im still on injections. But Ill try that when I get on the Omnipod!!

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Dear eec1023,

Using the pump's temporary basals while exercising is an excellent method of keeping blood sugars from going too low.  While you are still on injections, you would want to decrease the insulin that is currently working.  For example, if you exercise after lunch you would decrease the insulin you give at lunch.  If you see a diabetes educator, he or she can help you make the appropriate reduction in your insulin to avoid lows during exercise.

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