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tylersydney Posted: Mon, Oct 18 2010 1:18 AM

I did a  blood draw for an advanced lipid panel and see the Cardiologist Thursday.  (Much recent testing...stress test..etc... just for baseline info). It was done at a local lab under the auspices of Berkley labs..

Anyone had experience with Berkley Labs?


Also..I'd like suggestions for questions to  ask the Doc this week regarding the additional info in the advanced lipid panel..compared to the usual blood work I do....





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I see my Doc this Thursday if anyone has any info on this..thanks

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"67 year tune-up"

Before my cardiolgost explained (in detail) results of recent  stress tests, heart monitor test and all heart tests including  the advanced lipid panel I did via Berkley LAB......

She said.."First, let me say....YOU have a really great, healthy heart"!!!!!!!!

I had had some flutter incidents that led my Internist to send me to the Cardiologist...After many tests..the conclusion...the  "light-headedness" might have just been the result of dehydration.

There is nothing wrong with my heart! it is strong, clean and are carotid arteries.

Liver numbers were, however, a meds etc will be investigated...and modified if necessary. Vit D..still low.

Cholesterol 135

Trigly 101

HDL 64

LDL 51

I felt terrific when I left her office and went home to call Berkley. I heard that the paid blood tests included some counseling but was unsure of how the program worked.....or how extensive it was.

I  have my first of NINE phone sessions with their registered  dietitian next Friday and will let you know how it goes once I know more..

They broke down LDL and HDL to smaller components and did some genetic tests...This info will guide the Dietitian and my Drs to help me further refine my diet..I KNOW I need to get back to full exercise.

(I slowed down to just swimming after ankle surgery)..and Summer was Hellishly hot in AZ this year and lasted til a week ago!

No walking..too hot even at 5AM!!!!!!!!

Golf resumed this week... heart is healthy and now..I want to improve my diet and exercise program with their help.

But...No plaque, no issues..

When I asked the Doc.."can I get another 30 years out of this heart ..( I am 67, almost 68..she said:  "if you lose 20 lbs..maybe you can get 40".


I re-test (basic lipid panel)  in 9 weeks and see her in 10.

I feel fortunate to have this current information on which to base future exercise and eating programs...

and to have Docs who give a damn!


The "67 year tune-up" is what I am calling this experience!


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