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Delia posted on Tue, Oct 19 2010 10:52 AM

Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas, they're coming fast and bringing lots of food with them. For my first pre-diabetes holiday season I'll be making some swaps and having pita instead of regular bread (I found Joseph's Bakery pita for diabetics, that's why), whole wheat pasta in the salad, baked potato instead of mashed, green tea instead of juice. But those are my everyday swaps that I'm already introducing. The thing is, not sure what to do with the typical holiday items like stuffing, sweet potato casserole, honey and pineapple ham. What is the best way to make them if I want to eat healthy and at the same time not exclude those from my family's meals?  

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mrfino replied on Tue, Oct 19 2010 5:32 PM


I have Type 2

For Thanksgiving, my attitude has always been, "Perfect control is not gonna happen today, but that doesn't mean I go crazy on carbs. A couple of things are non-negotiable - I am going to have SOME stuffing and SOME pecan pie - the all-important question is 'how much'? Over the years the answer to 'how much' has varied, generally getting less as time goes on. It's a progressive disease.  Since there are 2 things I won't give up, I have to prioritize the rest of what I ate. These are choices I make for myself. I don't expect any of the cooks who contribute to our meal (eg brothers, sisters, other family) to NOT make things just because I CHOOSE not to eat it (I don't say 'I can't eat' something; it's always a matter of choice to me, like what I choose to spend my paycheck on)."

Having said all that, it can be amazing how much of a "carb fest" some of these things can be. Slip in some "free foods" in place of some carbs and see if anyone else misses the umpteenth form of carbs that you've omitted. For examples, have fresh green beans, but no form of bread.  Drink a lot of non-carb beverages throughout the day. Take a walk.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.




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Dear Delia,

Mr Fino is correct.  The primary issue is planning.  Choose which carbohydrate containing foods you want to have and which are not as important to you.  And, remember that if you follow a healthy meal plan 80% of the time you will be in very good shape.  That being said, you can always make a small sweet potato casserole without the marshmellows, using diet maple syrup.  For stuffing use fewer breadcrumbs and more nuts, use broth instead of butter or margarine to moisten and hold the mixture together.   The Joslin Diabetes Center and the American Diabetes Association have a good list of cookbooks that have healthier versions of many holiday foods.   Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving.

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jen1229 replied on Fri, Oct 29 2010 7:10 AM

I remember when my mom was alive she once asked the doctor what to do about eating on Thanksgiving.  He told her that if she wanted to enjoy herself on Thanksgiving, fine, eat what you want, just don't make the Holiday last a week.  That is what we have always done. 

Jen  - LevemirConfused and Novalog Wink A1c 5.8



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