how much humalog do i take for restaurant pad thai?

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lisaathome Posted: Sat, Nov 6 2010 4:14 PM

there is a thai restaurant by my house that has great chicken pad thai. the problem is i cant ever take the right amount of humalog to cover it. does anyone know the average amount of carbs in authentic pad thai? the restaurant owner said he has no idea. thanks

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nance replied on Sun, Nov 7 2010 12:36 AM

Probably has a lot of sugary starchy sauce.  I would want to get down to the bare naked food, myself.  If they can't rinse it in a colander (and I haven't found a restaurant yet that even has one) LOL maybe they could at least just leave it off or put it on the side (though often they forget to do so, which is why I have learned to go with requesting no sauce).  So, three possibilties, but most likely none are gonna happen.  Unless you take it home and do it yourself.  I've done that.  And picked another restaurant next time.  Oh -- can they grill it?  Blot it with a paper towel?  (Never mind.)  ; )  Take your own, or use a paper napkin.  Bad enough I have to walk the food off; don't want to have to walk the sauce off, too.  Sorry I'm not any help with your insulin question.  Can the cook give you the ingredients in the sauce and whatever else he uses in the recipe, or do they have it shipped-in already mixed together ready to serve (a problem I encountered in one place I never went back to, which didn't even have lettuce for a tossed salad.  I would've been able to munch on Romaine, but no -- there was nothing but sauciness there.  Ugh.  Maybe you can try gradually scaling-down on portion sizes.  Take most of it home with you and space it out over several experimental days.  Drain and blot, and see if you can make it work as take-out.

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Hey there, 

So foods like pad thai, pho, drunken noodles, ramen, and most other eastern noodle dishes use any one of a number of different types of noodles, all of which are INCREDIBLY high in simple carbohydrates.  They are very similar to sushi rice in this respect.  The actual noodles used in pad thai are 'glass noodles' or 'cellophane noodles'  If you go to a market with a large international foods section, or an asian market, you should be able to find a package with nutritional information.  As for the other response, the sauce usually does not help, but in the case of pad thai, it is usually vinegar and peanut based.  I find when I eat food like pad thai, my BS will spike if i did not bolus aggressively enough and it is usually difficult to get back down with my standard correction ratio.  That might have to do with the fat in the sauce, not sure. 

That said, there are a few exceptions to the 'eastern dish = high carb' rule.   One is soba and a few other kinds of noodles.  Soba are generally made with buckwheat, which has a smoother absorption curve and lower GI than the cornstarch based glass noodles.  The have a different flavor profile than what you would want in pad thai, but you could ask for a substitution and see if that helps.  My final suggestion would be to google the different types of noodles offered at your local Thai place and see what you would need to bolus.  Hope this helps!



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Dear Lisaathome:

There are many carb counting books and websites that will give you approximate values.  The CalorieKing Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate counter is one used often at Joslin.  

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donw replied on Tue, Nov 30 2010 2:18 PM

Here's a link to a Chicken Pad Thai recipe with nutrition counts.


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