Airport body scanners and insulin pumps

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Donna From Dexter Posted: Wed, Nov 24 2010 7:24 PM

Does anyone have any stories about going through the new airport body scanners. I am thinking of removing the pump for an hour to avoid problems.  I use the Omini Pod insulin pump. 

Can any one tell me if they are on Medicare and which part B insurance covers the Omni Pod pump.


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Julia replied on Wed, Nov 24 2010 8:54 PM

If you removed the pump, how would you get it through security?  I don't know about the OmniPod, but Minimed and Animas pumps cannot go through X-ray machines.  I wear a Minimed and I will not wear it through the scanners.  Both Minimed and Animas are advising their pump users not to wear the pump into them.  In fact, due to my concerns about radiation exposure, I would not go through the full-body scanners with or without the pump.   I don't really want a TSA agent handling my pump either.  So where does that leave me.  I am driving tomorrow.

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