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Jorgie Posted: Sat, Jan 24 2009 3:38 PM

I went down to use my treadmill a couple weeks ago and oops, it was busted. Since I had oone of those maintenance agreements with Sears I gave them a call. Double oops, it couldn't be fixed. Soooo, they said that they would give me a new one worth up to $500.00.


Surprise, they were having a sale!!! I got a $900.00 treadmill it was on sale for $499.99 free, with free delivery, free setup and they took the oold one. Big Smile


I am going to try to use it on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday when I don't go to ExerCare.



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Spirit replied on Sat, Jan 24 2009 5:23 PM

What a deal!  My used treadmill cost me 50 bucks (the good news), but then the gizmo that calculates caloric/mileage use broke (the bad news).  It's super old and manual, not electronic (more bad news), but the extreme effort it takes to actually move the track makes my workouts very productive (more good news). 

I just got a deal from Sears on a snow blower.  Living in Maine, that has its exercise value as well!


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