Diabetes and memory loss

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pat Posted: Sat, Jan 1 2011 2:58 AM

My daughter who is a diabetic (age 12) had a friend sleep over who is also diabetic. Her friend tested her blood suger and she was high, a little over 300.  She corrected but shortly after exhibited signs of short-term memory loss. She asked where she was and who we were. After several minutes she seemed to regain her memory but still seemed a bit off. After contacting her parents we were informed this a very recent problem and the DRs are a bit stumped. Can this type of memory loss be related to her diabetes? What type of tests need to be done and what would be the best facility. We live in Phoenix, AZ..thanks for any tips.

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Debbie replied on Mon, Jan 3 2011 4:37 PM

Thank you for your question.  I spoke to one of our pediatric endocrinologists and he said that it is difficult to say what is going on with limited information so that he would advise your daughter's friend to continue to discuss this problem with her doctors.  However if this happens again she may want to check her blood sugar in case her blood sugar has dropped quickly from the correction dose and she is experiencing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Good luck!

-Debbie Butler, MSW, CDE

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