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Bramble Posted: Thu, May 12 2011 4:07 PM

Afternoon Everyone,

I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic about a month ago. My doctors are saying it is most likely caused by one of my medications: Prednazone  and "should" ease up once the medication is changed.

I, however, am not planning on this going away just because there's a chance it might not.  I also have Chronic Kidney Disease:  Stage 3 so, Metformin is off the list of meds for me. 

I'm unsure how exactly to balance Kidney Disease with Type 2 in the sense of nutrition and food choices because all of my doctors want me on "different" diets.

Kidney:  Low Sodium, Protein, Potassium

Diabetic:  Low Cholesterol

It also feels like my brain is going to just turn to mush with everything I've been reading trying to get a handle understanding what I can and can't do.  How my sugars will now affect "most" of what I do in some way.  And just general comprehension and how to put it into real life terms.

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions, or simple "Hi" 's would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading



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Madman replied on Thu, May 12 2011 4:22 PM


Welcome aboard.  Sorry you had to join us like this, but its a good place if you need us.  I wish I could give you some helpful advice, but with the stage 3 kidney disease, that's an area I really don't know much about. 

I hope the blood sugars straighten up pretty quickly for you when you get off the prednisone.  I know that particular steroid can raise blood sugars.

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Bramble replied on Thu, May 12 2011 4:58 PM

Thanks for the reply!

Prenazone also gives you  "moonface" and cankles and general crankiness.  As my loving and supportive family can verify.....I have not been the most pleasant person to be around I'll admit.

My general dr is at a bit of a loss on exactly what to "do" with me because I've got seemingly two completely different things going on at once, but regardless of it all. The only thing I can do is take it in stride and do my best to do as all of them ask.

This will work itself out either way.

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Tor replied on Fri, May 13 2011 2:28 AM


Your suggestion that a diabetic diet = low cholesterol is based on a bit of a misconception.

Dietary cholesterol and blood sugar levels are not, to the best of my knowledge, linked. However, heart disease is a common complication over time of diabetes - in fact traditionally diabetics have not been dying from elevated blood sugars but from heart attacks. High levels of cholesterol, particularly the bad one (LDL) are linked to an increased risk of heart attacks. However, we don't get high cholesterol from eating foods high in cholesterol, that is a myth. In fact, evidence suggests that we can safely consume our daily egg without raising the risks to our heart health. What will raise our cholesterol levels is a diet high in saturated fat, as well as excess weight.

Increasingly, there is support for recommending a diabetic diet based on low GI carbohydrates (i.e. carbohydrates or starches that are converted slowly rather than rapidly to blood glucose) as well as low levels of saturated fats and a generous ingredient of vegetables (including fibers) and fish, particularly, if available, wild salmon. There is also irrefutable evidence of the link between high blood sugars/out-of-control type 2 diabetes and excess abdominal fat, as evidenced by diabetics who have gone through a succesful weight loss program and experienced far better blood sugar levels. So portion control is essential regardless of what otherwise is in one's personal 'diabetic diet'.

Anyway, that's my take on it based on my personal experience in managing my diabetes for 13 years without the use of medications or insulin for BG control.


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