high activity = high blood sugar?

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Bruce posted on Tue, Aug 9 2011 6:13 PM


Has anyone else experienced this?  If I run 2-4 miles, my blood sugar increases requiring1-2 units over the next 2 hours.  If I work really hard in my yard (ex. splitting wood for 2-3 hrs), my sugar goes sky high into the 400's.  I don't understand what is happening nor do I really understand what to do.  One nurse educator that I talked to suggested I just 'not exercise as much' .  I don't want to do that.  I really enjoy it and take pride in working in my yard.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  If so, can you tell me what is going on and what to do?

Thank you


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shortie replied on Wed, Aug 10 2011 7:55 PM

That is the reason I started my diabetes meds a few years back.  Someone else will tell you the medical reason----your liver shoots out glucagon when u do aerobics----I have to have something to eat before doing anything like you are doing.  Anaerobic exercise is best for me....moving long and slow.

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Bruce, I know exactly what you mean! The other day I went to the gym, my sugar was 107, when I got home it was 304. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!

I did a bunch a research and found that when we work out, several things happen. Our bodies create cortisol which causes our livers to produce glucose. (Our bodies also do this when we are mad, stressed, upset...) Also, we become dehydrated, which causes our bodies to go into "panic" mode, also causing the liver to release sugar. 

If you are working in your yard, I would recommend drinking LOTS of water. Maybe tasting every 30 mins that you are outside, and bolusing as necessary. As for the gym, I have noticed a big difference if I do 5 minutes cardio and then 10 minutes of weights...I rotate back and forth. Try that!!

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