Insulin Anti-bodies

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KristenRadloff posted on Thu, Aug 25 2011 2:00 AM

I have been diabetic T1 for 17 years. I am 23 now. About 6 months ago, I became severely insulin resistant. My typical hourly basal of 1.2 quickly rose to 9.0 and that didn't even budge my sugars from the upper 300's. However, later in the day, it was as if all the insulin started working and I would crash with lows in the 20's. I have 2-3 episodes a day where I am completely resistant to my insulin, but the rest of the day I'm fine. Whatever insulin I give during my "episodes" comes back to haunt me hours later. I have seen 7 different doctors in Raleigh, NC and they have ran several tests. None of them know what is wrong. I did test positive for Insulin Anti-bodies. And from what I understand, the anti-bodies will latch on to my insulin, try to destroy but then release it all hours later. This sounds like what is happening. Problem is, no one knows how to treat it. I am miserable. Prior to this, I had A1c's in the 6 range. Finally, yesterday, my doctors recommend that I make an appointment at the Joslin Center in Boston. I am planning a trip for October. 

Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone know of any treatments??

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When i was on Lantus (for a short time) like you said if it would be 80s at night I would eat a small snack then that way i would still be taking my normal dosage to get me through the 24 hours its suppsoed to but to also save me from a low in the morning. Worked for me but not necessarily for you, might want to talk to your doc about it as i am NO doc

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