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Shoedemon Posted: Tue, Nov 22 2011 8:00 AM

This is my first post.  I came to the Joslin site because I am hoping to hear what other Mody 2 diabetics & doctors may know about this type. My oldest grandaughter & myself are the only 2 in my family that have been genetically tested.  I have an older brother that was diagnosed T1 at 21 (he is now 60) & my daughter, my grandaughter's mother are also most likely Mody 2.  I have been testing my glucose quite seriously & know how & what foods affect it.  I have an endocrinologist & we both decided that carb control & exercise is working for me, no meds. I initially went on Metformin & it did nothing but since we now know it is Mody 2, we know that type of drug wouldn't work anyway.

 What I am curious about is that everything I read states that I really don't need to worry about harm to my body/organs from Mody 2.  I have read that "some" say that early heart attacks might be a worry in Mody 2 families.  No one you talk to has ever heard of it - even the endo's office people, my PCP, etc.  I am glad we were diagnosed correctly for future generations.  If per chance young people are diagnosed T1 or even honeymoon T1 they can be tested for Mody 2.  Because as my endo said being on insulin long term, when it isn't necessary, is just as harmful as diabetes itself.  I do feel frustrated that I have to watch what I eat - especially when I hear "You have diabetes - but you're so thin!"  And I'm also feeling like this is no big deal compared to T1 & T2 - yet it is impacting my life. 

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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amrad replied on Tue, Nov 22 2011 5:58 PM

Interesting first time I have heard of it, and have been T1 for 30yrs. Sounds like diet and exercise for you will control the high blood sugars. Yep it's a pain in the "A", but at least it is eaisly managed.

I suppose if you really did not care for yourself it could develop into Type 2, and then you really have to worry about the complications.

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