is anxiety a by product of diabetes?

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amrad Posted: Mon, Nov 28 2011 12:03 PM

Over the past few years I feel as if I am a vessel of anxiety. Any little thing can give me an anxiety attack.  It appears there is no on/off switch to control it, I can wake up in the middle of the night and have one for no reason. Tried a bunch of SSRI's, and had bad side effects (from being sleepy, to increased anxiety). Right now on Trazodone to keep me asleep (no sleep without it). Have tried meditation which has helped some.

Feel as if I am on a anxiety rollercoaster.

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Tor replied on Tue, Nov 29 2011 11:31 PM

Since you are posting in this diabetes group I assume you have diabetes in addition to the problem you are describing.

I have not heard of any research linking diabetes and anxiety attacks, but given the dire warnings doctors give patients with diabetes you'd have to be super-human to not get anxious about the possible side effects of the disease,  the drugs people with diabetes are prescribed. and their side effects, and the long term health outlook.

Relax, literally, that's the best you can do.

I've found that a regime of several daily brisk walks (and yes, that's part of relaxing from stress) and a diet that contains zero sugar, a moderte amount of low GI grains, accompanied by an occasional glass of redwine, and a healthy amount of un-processed meat and veggies has done wonders.

Yes I was very anxious 13 years ago when my doctor told me my hbA1C was 8.6 and that I had diabetes type II. I am less anxious now, with an hb a!c of 5,1 as of my test last month, and the overall good feeling that walking a lot and worrying less, creates.

I did have a small rough patch a couple of years ago when I was waiting at a bus stop. When I woke up 2 months later the doctor told me I'd had a cardiac arrest and technically had died, but that miraculously there didn''t seem to be any damage. I'm ok with that. I attribute my survival to the fact that I was in pretty good shape from managing my diabetes.

Good luck!



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zrebiec replied on Wed, Nov 30 2011 12:02 PM

People with diabetes suffer from anxiety disorders and depression more than people without diabetes, but at about the same rate as other people with chronic illness. This isn't surprising when you think about the demands of managing diabetes and the implications for future health. You might reconsider talking to your pharmacologist about other medications that might help take the edge off the anxiety.

John Zrebiec, MSW,CDE

Mental Health Services

Joslin Diabetes Center

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amrad replied on Wed, Nov 30 2011 12:08 PM

Thanks, yes I do a daily walk, and try to eat well, A1C at last check was 6.8. Have taken meditation class which has helped some.

The only thing I can say is that imagine that all those mechanisms that control our mental state no longer kick in to relax us, i.e. I had a contractor come out for an estimate, and all he could do was criticize what I had done, no matter how hard I tried to control my anxiety I could not, and could not get it out of the brain. Feel is though the brain is running in overdrive 24/7

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amrad replied on Wed, Nov 30 2011 12:56 PM

I have been on Paxil - made me sick, wellbutrin - made me very anxious, prozac - very sleepy, Lexapro - had anxiety attacks (had to take ativan for relief), ativan - did not help that much. Withdrawal symptoms were even worse.

Most of the doses were about half of the lowest dose tablets, as I could not tolerate them, and taking a whole dosage was awful. The psychiatrist was very frustrated. My current psychiatrist said I just needed help sleeping, so he prescribed trazadone which I need to take or else I get no sleep at all, and wake up sick.

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Yes meditation is a technique by which we empty our mind and feel relaxed or stress free. meditation is very helpful and effective activity or i am sure you feel very relaxed and you take deep and relaxed sleep whole night.  But you need to join some Meditation training courses  on which the instructor or trainer gives all instruction and help to learn the meditation technique that gives very fast result. Always go to professional or expert trainer that have years of experience and help you to get relief from your illness.                 

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