Medicare Coverage for Omni Pod!

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Jean D Haight Posted: Sat, Dec 17 2011 9:33 AM

I have started a Petition on Facebook and need some "BIG TIME HELP!"  I wear an Omni Pod and have started on Medicare,Medicare does not cover the Omni Pod because the US Congress assigned the Code numbers:Pod A A 9274 and PDME 0784.  These numbers make it a disposable item and Medicare is not allowed to cover disposable items!


Please see my Facebook Petition  and sign it!  "Medicare Coverage for Omni Pod."  I need as many signatures as I can get to accomplish the goal of having Omni Pod covered by Medicare.  Please have family,friends,coworkers,fellow students also sign it.  The more signatures the better chance of getting it done.


Thank you,''Happy Holidays"

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Short-Jan replied on Sun, Jan 8 2012 12:02 AM

Hi Jean,

I just searched for your petition, and nothing was found on Facebook. I'm very interested in signing because I also want Medicare coverage for the Omnipod. Last year when I had an email conversation with Omnipod I was told that the pump had not been approved for coverage because of an FDA ruling.

I'd appreciate it if you would send me a link to your petition.



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