How Stem Cell Transplant Treat Diabetes

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ckdsite Posted: Tue, Dec 20 2011 6:04 AM

Diabetes is due to the absolute lack of insulin, the resistance of insulin or the progressive function decline of pancreas islet β cells. Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital introduce that pancreas islet β cells can adjust the secretion of insulin according to the level of blood sugar and make blood sugar in a normal level. Therefore, it is an ideal way to rebuild the total amount of functional pancreas islet β cells.

The mechanism of how stem cell transplant treat stem cell go as follows:

1. repair pancreas islet β cells

Pancrease islet β cells are cells which are secreted by insulin. Stem cells repair them, which can make new pancreas islet β cells come into being. Pancrease islet β cells are repaired, which can secrete insulin again.

2.Stem cell can repair other cells which are secreted by insulin.

Actually, in human body, besides pancreas islet β cells, which can secrete insulin, there are also other cells which can secrete insulin. Stem cell can repair these cells and improve the secretion amount of insulin and decrease blood sugar at the same time.

3. stem cells’ function to insulin resistance

After stem cell transplantation, the sensibility of glycoprotein will increase, which promotes the combination of islet receptor and insulin and decrease the resistance of insulin.

Recent years, more and more people begin to be concerned about how stem cells treat Diabetes. Stem cell is regarded as one of the most effective methods to treat Diabetes actually. What’s more, it has good effect, has no side effect, and has wide sources, which is applied by increasing number of patients with Diabetes. It gave a large number of patients new hope.

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