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MJ69 Posted: Sun, Mar 25 2012 2:45 PM

Hey there guys, Just a few months into my diagnosis of type 2 and it was a shock. Now after 2 months of taking metformin, and regulating my diet I feel worse off than taking nothing.

Checking my blood sugar on the glucometer is something I now need to do on a regular basis as my sugar levels are so high most of the time.

I work overseas so getting meds is sometimes a bit of a problem. I see a doctor where I work so its beneficial but the issue I'm having of late is we changed my metformin dose of 1000mg in the morning and 1000mg at night to one slow release dose of Glipizide 5mg in the morning only.

My levels were still 218 prior to the change (this was boosted with insulin) but now I'm on the Glipizide for a few days my levels have increased alot to 322... I know this is high but I am now getting stressed as nothing we (me and the doctor) do is lowering the blood sugars sufficiently.

What is a regular blood sugar level anyway when you are taking medication? I cant work it all out.

When I first got myself checked out in late December, the doctor I seen said I had type 2 diabetes for sure. He said I was not dependant on insulin as my pancreas was still producing insulin. This was why he prescribed the 500mg metformin meds.  Now, I know that everything is a trial and error with medication and one type may not be suitable and so the conveyor belt of different types are tried out for the best fit. It sure does have an affect me. It's hard enough changing everything about how I live my life now without feeling the way I do when I see my results from the blood sugar testing. 


Anyone felt the same?

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amrad replied on Mon, Mar 26 2012 12:33 PM

guess you need to go back to the doctor, and say it is not working. I assume you are watching your diet, have you seen an endocrinologist?

The endocrinologist would be the best person to help you, my PCP will not even prescribe diabetes medication for that reason. Managing diabetes is not an easy task.

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Simi_Papa replied on Mon, Mar 26 2012 2:09 PM

You need to work more on your diet.  Learn about the glycemic index for food and what are good and bad carbohydrates.  With numbers that high you should consider going on a low carbohydrate diet until you can get your numbers under control and you learn what good carbs to eat.  Protein and fat do not convert to glucose in the body, only carbohydrates do that.  I suspect you are eating a lot of carbs and bad carbs like white rice, bread, potatoes, etc.  I rarely get over 140 even after eating and my A1c is well under 6.0   I am not sure why your doctor took you off the Metformin since it is about the only drug that works to reduce insulin resistance which is one of the big problems with type 2''s.  You should also be working on losing weight and getting more exercise (if you are overweight and sedentary).


"May the Force be with you!"

Diagnosed in 1997; Off all meds except Metformin!! Smile

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MJ69 replied on Tue, Mar 27 2012 12:02 PM

Cheers guys for the feedback. Compounding the issue was an infected old root canal. I am taking antibiotics for this and have only a couple of days left of the course. The doctor thought that my numbers were on the high side due to this. 

I have been exercising regularly and even losing weight. I did change my eating habits, including alot of broccoli, cabbage etc and cutting out the processed meats, beans, rice but I was eating brown bread. 


As I am new to all this I have been looking at books, the internet and speaking with others in the same boat as myself. I will look at the glycemic index and see what are good and bad carbs. It is alot to take in after it's all just been laid at your doorstep.


Thank you for the advice guys, I appreciate it.

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