Why Diabetes Lead to Renal Damage

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ckdsite Posted: Sat, Apr 14 2012 10:54 PM

Renal damage caused by diabetes is called diabetic nephropathy, which is a secondary kidney disease which is due to long time diabetes. So realizing it, patients with Diabetes want to know why diabetes leads to renal damage and how to prevent diabetes leading to renal damage.

Firstly, Diabetes can make the walls of micro-blood vessels become fragile and tough. Gradually, the wall of micro-blood vessels become narrow and blocked. In the early stage, when blood flows through renal glomeruli, a large amount of nutritious substances will leak out such as albumin. Albumin is the important materials which can maintain the human body’s life. In normal condition, albumin can not leak out. When diabetes develops into diabetic nephropathy, albumin will leak out. With patient’ condition becoming more and more serious, there will be other kinds of molecules leaking out such as protein, red blood cells, white blood cells. In the end stage, with more and more renal glomeruli are damaged, renal damage will take place.

Secondly, patients with diabetes will ask how to prevent it from happening. The most important and effective way is to treat diabetes with stem cells. pancreas islet β cells are damaged, which leads to insufficient secretion of insulin. In this case, the blood sugar will increase. If this can not be treated or controlled well, it will lead to systematic disorder and a series of complications will occur as well. Stem cells can repair the damaged pancreas islet β cells, thus recovering the function of insulin. In this case, the secretion of insulin can turn normal and diabetes can recover consequently. Now stem cell transplant also has become

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