The "why me" phase.... does it ever end??

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renn4p Posted: Wed, May 2 2012 6:19 PM

I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 2 years old my blood sugar was 2,383 at diagnosis. I am now 21 and still under the strict control of my father. In the past two months defective infusion sets for my insulin pump have landed me in the ICU with DKA twice. I have lost my job because I was in the hospital. I feel like a pathetic child in the sense I am constantly wondering "why me". I am seriously debating going back to an injection regimine to regain control of my seemingly fragile diabetes. Basically I am wondering what kind of methods anyone practices to gain support or acceptance? You would think that after 19 years I would accept my condition and I cant say I haven't, sometimes I just get so frustrated. My dad tells me all the time I need to meet more diabetics because they would understand me better, i dont know what to think about that. I have lost a lot of friends and have had several failed relationships on top of losing jobs due to my diabetes. Any tips on how to get past this?

Thanks for reading and I would greatly appreciate some response!


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Paige it is OK to be frustrated with your diabetes.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed at 2 years old.  Unfortunately you have to play the hand you were dealt, in life we don't get to throw away cards for new ones.  Not being on the pump I can't help you deal with the infusion problem, but wouldn't frequent testing after putting in a new set find that problem?  Have you looked into the pumps with CGM?That should also show the problem fast enough to prevent DKA.  Eating a very low carb diet could also help by minimizing the foods that cause bg increases.  The most important thing is to not give up.


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amrad replied on Wed, May 2 2012 7:49 PM

good idea to get the CGM.

You might want to go back on the injection regime to get back in control, have always been on injections (30yrs) which is a pain but could not see myself on a pump unless the Dr. said it was the only option. For me it is very predictable, and have never been taken to the hospital. Other diabetics I know love the pump.

I think once you get the diabetes and blood sugar under control things will fall into place. Unfortunately it is not an easy disease to live with, as your bodies metabolism is thrown out of whack which affects your brain and body chemistry.


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