Why Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy Have High Creatinine Level?

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bingllei Posted: Thu, Jun 21 2012 5:37 AM

For patients of diabetic kidney disease, creatinine level is an important reference in assessing renal function. If your Creatinine level is much higher, which means your kidneys have been damaged. To be honest, high creatinine level is commonly seen in diabetic nephropathy. Maybe , your doctors prescribe Ketosteril to lower creatinine level and urea nitrogen. But, Why Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy Have High Creatinine Level?Can ketosteril renally lower creatinine level?

As high creatinine level is attributable to impaired kidneys, it is essential to know the cause of renal damage in Diabetic Nephropathy.It have many aspects. 

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What causes high creatinine level for diabetics?

Sometimes, creatinine level becomes higher than the normal when people do a lot of exercise or don’t have a good rest. In this situation, diabetics needn’t worry, because the creatinine level will become normally when these people get enough rest.

Reducing the amount of water intake is more likely to cause blood concentration and the blood flow in the renal decrease. As a result, creatinine level will rise. Supplying enough water timely is able to help reduce high creatinine level.

Then, How to Lower High Creatinine Level for Diabetics

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