expired insulin pens

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tasha108 Posted: Sat, Mar 7 2009 4:27 AM

ok so i know that once u pierce a pen, that pen usually lasts around 28 days before it expires.  what happens if u use an expired pen??  is the insulin not as effective?

my dosage was lowered, therefore it takes longer for me to finish a novalog pen (like humalog) and i cannot remember when i opened my current pen.  also, my numbers have been slightly higher than normal.  so i just want to make sure.

thanks ppl

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Arsinoe replied on Mon, Mar 9 2009 1:04 AM

It depends a lot on where the insulin has been stored, and at what temperature.

If my numbers were running higher, I would toss the pen (even if they are outrageously expensive).  If you call the drug company, they will tell you to never use beyond the expiration dates, etc.

My daily dose is fairly low.  I don't use pens, just vials, and keep all of my insulins in the refrigerator or in a cool-pack.  (I love the Frio brand, which works by evaporation and keeps the insulin nice and cool.  Used it on an extended trip in Egypt, without any spoiled insulin.)

So I do use my insulin longer than a month, and a few times even past the expiration date, but I keep a close monitor on my bG readings.

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