Sliding scale, correctional doses, bolus insulin????

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cld623 posted on Wed, Jun 27 2012 3:48 PM

Please clarify are they the same? 

If not would someone clarify in very simple terms.  

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amrad replied on Wed, Jun 27 2012 10:12 PM

the bolus dosage is the regular/fast acting  insulin in takes to cover a meal based on carbs, or lower your blood sugar to a respectable level if you are high.

The sliding scale is a calculation of how much insulin it will take to lower your blood sugar to a target level. The fpnotebook website has a calculator at the bottom of the webpage, just google sliding scale fpnotebook. You can plug in some numbers and get a theorectical insulin dosage for Bolus lowering high blood sugar.

For me 1 unit of fast acting insulin will lower my blood sugar 40mg, and 1 unit for every 5grams of carbs I eat.


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