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littletwish Posted: Wed, Jul 17 2013 3:14 PM

I have had type 1 diabetes 7 years now.  Always had great control.  5-6% A1Cs.  In the past 4 months I have had 5 'episodes' that have scared me.  Strange thing is that I have had low lows...36/40s and functioned fine, just drank some milk and waited it out.  These are different.  It's never 'too' low.  The first time it happened, I didn't have my tester with me - I felt dizzy and my chest was 'burning' - I sat it out for a few minutes and started to feel worse.  So I drank orange juice.  It turned into what felt like a panic attack (which I had never experienced)...fear of dying thoughts - needed to just sit and stare at one spot - anyone talking to me would send my body racing.  I got home 3 hours later and my sugar was 300 - obviously over corrected with the juice.  So that was the first time...

2nd time: Tested my sugar just after shooting 6 u of Novolog.  Stupid that I didn't test first - it was 68 - not crazy low, so I quickly got juice in me to fight the drop the insulin would do.  That was the shortest experience I had - only 20 minutes of 'panic'

The 3rd time - Took 6u of insulin - had a veggie panini - started to feel terrible 30 minutes later - sugar was 78 (most likely from the bread not 'kicking in yet') - this lasted 1 hour.  I checked my levels every 10 minutes - kept the sugar over 70 the entire time - but my body was a mess.  Sitting quietly and breathing slowly was all I could do.

4th time I forgot my tester again (this doesn't happen often, just an interesting correlation, I think the fear of not knowing is what drives these episodes).  I took 9 u of my levemir the night before and didn't eat breakfast...began with a tightened throat feeling and dizziness.  Had a small glass of OJ, and sat it out.  45 minutes later, I still felt unwell.  I had my husband drive me to walgreens to purchase a new tester and strips - I had brought it up to 200 - I had severe shakes as well.  The whole thing lasted 1 1/2 hours - I felt better a little later and we went to the movies that evening.  Sugar was 115 - took 6u and instantly began shaking.  I just ate as planned - drank and checked every 10 minutes.  Sugars remained fine - this episode lasted a short time. 

5th time was just the other day - I had some mac and cheese with 6 u - should have had a glass of milk as well - 3 hours later, my sugar felt low - normal feeling of a low - it was 62 - I drank half a coke, felt fine - 1 hour later I felt very dizzy - I checked it again - 92 - Ok, it must be going low.  Drank 35 grams - checked every 10 minutes - sugar stayed up - within the hour climbed to 200 (normal for 35 grams of sugar) - but my body was really screwed up.  The last 3 times I have had diarrhea, poor depth perception, elevated heart rate, dizziness, burning under the skin sensation, tight muscles in my neck and shoulders, if people talk to me it all gets exaggerated and I need it to be quiet.  I'm mentally with it, but internally freaking out.  It has scared me to the point that I don't want to take insulin. I know that isn't really an option for type 1s, but I would like to in the very least go on a very low carb diet so I can just take less units that won't drive me low.

I saw my primary care doctor after the first episode - he did blood work - A1C of 6% - but a little anemic.  Put me on iron pills.  I haven't been back since - the last 4 episodes occurred in the last month - I'm making an appointment with Joslin.


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amrad replied on Mon, Jul 22 2013 10:33 PM

I had my endo tell me an A1C of 5-6 was too low for Type I, as it means you are going low. The lowest I ever went was an A1C of 6, and that was because I was having lots of lows due to a reaction to the insulin. Right now it is 7 which the endo seems to be happy with.

I have similar Anxiety issues, for me it seems like there is a narrow blood glucose range to feel good. Not much of a difference between high and low BG feelings (always need a meter to tell). 

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