newly diagnosed as Type 1 after being treated as type 2 for 21 years....

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Valerie Chipman Posted: Sun, Mar 30 2014 11:17 AM

HI Everyone :

I am so frustrated.  I was diagnosed in 1993 as a type 2 diabetic, and it has been out of control ever since.  It's not unusual for me to register "Hi" on my meter- I have been taking metformin and glipizide- most recently (3) extended release metformin 750 tablets in the am as well as (2) extended release glipizide 10 tabs.  I have been on Actos, glucotrol, byetta, victoza..... I'm sure there are others I can't remember.  

About 5-7 years ago lantus was added to my regimen - then finally novolog a couple of years ago.     Recently my insulin intake has been changed to  taking 100 units lantus in the am and 50 in the pm, as well as a ratio of 1-5 novolog at mealtime.  Lately I've been going as low as 62 which, believe me,  feels pretty strange considering how it has been. 

So.. I have a new doctor who decided to test me for type 1 as opposed to type 2 as she was perplexed that nothing was working. I had no idea there even was such a test. Lo, and behold, I am type 1. My HbA1c last summer was 15, I have managed to get it down to 12.2 at my last visit.  I have also gained 15 pounds in the last three weeks  since my insulin has intake has been raised.  I'm 55 and (right now) weigh 220.  My highest weight was 256, and I had gotten down to 205, with hopes of going lower...not higher....           

I have retinopathy and neuropathy. I think one of the worst things is that for the past 21 years I've been beating myself up for being diabetic - for being fat and "bringing it on myself". So many people (and doctors) say, "You could control this with diet and exercise, if you'd try harder." 

I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience, and how did it  turn out?  I'm very thankful that I found this new doctor...                          

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