Should I surrender and start on insulin?

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reathsr posted on Mon, Apr 7 2014 12:10 PM

A fairly active  68 year old male. Exercises regularly, likes to scuba dive with one of two sons and two of his sons. I'm looking to decrease my glucose numbers so to live healthy and a long time into the future. Married twice, one divorce, one death. I don't like ending "realationships ".

Ive been living with diabetes since age 45. Until recently I was able to charge through and remain ok. Now it seems that I've got to find a way "through". 

I was first diagnosed with typeII diabetes. at age 45. My beautiful wife had a massive heart attack while we were making love the evening of my 56 birthday. I was only successful in getting her to hospital and after 15 days her life ended, had to disconnect life support system. I only mention this chapter as I have been seriously affected, because I was not successful in resuscitating her. That occurred Jan 2002.

I had 2 stents inserted in my heart ay age 561/2 Cataract surgery  a year or so after and triple by pass surgery (no heart attack) last May age 57. I weigh 176 lbs. this morning my blood sugar was 13.3 (Can number) after one hour exercise was 11.5 225 and 220 US values

I am not controlling my sugars as well as I'd like to. Can you offer me an opinion. Should I surrender and start on insulin?

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zisel replied on Fri, Apr 11 2014 1:46 AM

It is better to consult your doctor about it. Your doctor know if your blood sugar can still be controlled by other medication aside from insulin.

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Madman replied on Mon, Apr 14 2014 9:10 AM

Couple of things.....why are you testing 1 hour afterwards?  Most advice I have heard is 2 hours post prandial.   As a diabetic, we are going to have a post prandial spike....If you are a T2 diabetic, you pancreas no longer produces that first impulse of insulin when starches enter your mouth.  Normal pancreatic functions do that.

Second, don't fear insulin.  I've been a diabetic for about 14 yrs now.  Started insulin a couple years ago.....feel a lot better now than I did before then. 

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