Vision Problems

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mcoll48 Posted: Sun, May 25 2014 1:34 PM

Hello, I am a newly diagnosed, insulin dependent, diabetic who is experiencing many symptoms as as a result. It started with neuropathy in my feet and affecting my vision.

I just bought new glasses a month ago and thought I'd found the right prescription. When I started on the insulin everything changed again. I can hardly see at all and my new glasses are useless. At first I couldn't read, drive, or anything that had to do with sight. My doctor assured me that once my blood sugar was in control that my vision would straighten itself out. I did try magnifying glasses to read and they helped but not really for seeing in general.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so did things get back to normal? I am afraid of losing my sight altogether so any feedback would be appreciated.

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you dont say HOW it affected your eye sight.  There are several things that happen to un controlled diabetics and there eyes. one is "floaters" black splotches of blood that leek out of capillary's that float around in your eye and obstruct your vision.  The other is new Blood capillary grow around the bleeders and into the eye causing lines to interfere with your sight.  and lastly a TEMPORARY problem.   Your eye swells when BG is high causing your eyesight to be bad. when your BG returns to normal the swelling reduces and eye sight returns to normal (normal may mean you still need glasses but NOT the same ones as when your BG is high).  Your eye doctor and reg doctor should have told you NOT to get glasses till your BG stabilized.

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