Driver Licenses and diabetes

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LSHerzog Posted: Wed, Jan 27 2016 4:19 PM

I had a severe hypoglycemic incident at work (I was a teacher) back in May.  It was about 4:30 and my BG had been high all day, then over the course of an hour or two, plummeted.  When the EMS arrived, it was 37, and that was after 5tbsp of sugar and 5 Little Debbie snack cakes I had managed to eat.

The Texas Dept of Public Safety was notified of the incident and now they are attempting to revoke my DL for an indefinite period.  I have never had any motor vehicle incidents, tickets, or warnings; I have never even been pulled over in almost 34 years of driving.  Strangely, no one wants or has ever asked to see my meter readings for the past 7 months; they just say " your present condition, you are a danger to others..."  I was referred to an endocrinologist in July and my monthly average since Sept has been around 145, with between 185 and 240 readings taken per month.  I also test before I drive, either leaving home or work or anywhere else I stop for more than an hour.

Anyone else had anything like this happen and what did you do?  The scary thing for me is that my work as a cemetery stonemason/conservator requires me to carry about 750 pounds of materials whenever I go to a job.  Also, living in Texas, there is no public transportation for even getting into town.


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