Type 1 diabetes and cancer treatment

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cher Posted: Mon, May 3 2010 10:59 PM

Hello,  I'm Cher

I have had type I diabetes for 43 years and doing well with it.  I am scientifically trained as a medial technologist and worked in the hospital chemistry lab for 18 years.  I went back to school and became a speech therapist.  My blog ging is hopefully to inform others and get ideas.


I was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer in january 2010.  A whirlwind of activity began after my annual mammogram-- a digitalized mammogram, biopsy, see a surgeon, plastic surgeon, oncologist and radiation specialist and then surgery the first of march 2010.

After the initial findings from the mastectomy-- I thought I was home free.  There were no cancer cells in the lymph nodes, the tumor site was only 4mm in size.  I had an appointment scheduled for reconstruction and thought allwould be well.


The tumor tested 3+aggressive for her2nu- a cancer growth factor.  Then the pathology report showed undiffereniated cells through all of the removed breast along with different sites of DCIS.  My case was brought before the tumor board and full treatment was suggested and I agreed to.  Full treatment includes chemotherapy, herceptin and radiation.  The chemo I am on is taxotere, carboplatin and the monoclonal antibody herceptin.  After chemo I will receive 5 weeks of radiation.  The herceptin teatments will be for a year.


Why am Iblogging this on a diabetes blog site?  I have found nothing out there that talks about how this process affects me as a diabetic.  As one who has done well-- this is a difficult situation.

What Iam finding is that my metabolism has significantly increased.  To the point I feel signs of low sugars but test and sugar is normal.  I test 10-15 minutes later and I am low-- under 60.  My insulin reacts at different times.  I feel fuzzy thinking like low sugars but don't know that is what it is since fingersticks test normal or slightly elevated.

What has anyone else experienced?  I will continue to blog several times per week hoping to see someone else in my situation.  I have resuolved to treat the symptoms rather than the test data.  Hopefully this will be smoother than the other way around.  I ahve never had such sudden drops in sugar levels and I know that is not anything to mess with.  Hope to hear from you soon


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