Insulin after surgery

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Motherofadiabetic Posted: Wed, Aug 11 2010 11:06 PM

My son broke his collar bone the other day during football.  He ended up needing  surgery.  During the surgery the nurses kept his blood sugars under control.  Before and after surgery my son could not get his numbers below 200.  You must be below 200 for bones to heal.  We learned that in a trama situation you may become insulin resistant.  He had to practically double his insuling to get his numbers back down to normal while healing.



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Simi_Papa replied on Thu, Aug 12 2010 1:14 AM

I hope you were watching closely after surgery.  I have had two surgical procedures where we made sure everyone knew I was diabetic, and they still hung a glucose bag after surgery instead of a saline bag.  The first time my bg readings went crazy (as you would expect) and it took some time for them to get my bg levels back to normal.  The second time my wife saw them hang a glucose bag and she went ballistic until they took the glucose bag away and hung saline.  Even with the saline my bg levels were higher than normal due to the trauma of the surgery.


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