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Mommyb posted on Tue, Nov 2 2010 8:18 AM

My BS levels before meals run about 120-170 and before bed 140-212 My DR told over all they arent to bad but she wants me to watch my carbs more i never did carb thing at all i just ate appartenlty it was wrong thing to do Am trying to drop weight so am doing weight watchers and was wondering if there a way to combine the both or better of doing carb counting i do not even know how many carbs i should have a day either or what to have i have had diabetes for a while now it just withen last year my BS have been getting worse i have developed nerophapty in my feet and hands. my vision constanly blurry, and werid headaches not sure if that is related or not can some one help me and tell good suites to go to for meal planning

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jen1229 replied on Tue, Nov 2 2010 10:08 AM

I am also on WW.  First let me suggest that you join our Diabetes Support Discussion Board (under Women's Health).  We are all very helpful to each other and give each other encouragement when we get discouraged (and I am the recipient of that encouragement on an almost daily basis). The message boards and recipes are free to the public.

About Carbs. You need to discuss with your doctor or Dietitian how many carbs you should be eating per day.  If you have not seen a dietitian you should ask your doctor for a referral to one, preferably one who is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Tha person can help you and also help you to incorporate the foods you like to eat into your diet.  At the current time WW does not take carb counts into consideration, so what you need to do is this.  If you are doing WW online or using e-tools you can enter the carb counts a the bottom of the screen.  But it is probably easier to keep a listing of the carb counts where it will be easy to look them up.  If you use a paper tracker you can make notes a the bottom of the tracker, but again a separate list that is easy to refer to.  After a while you will have a list of the carb counts of the foods you eat andyou will only need to look them up.  There is scuttlebutt around that WW will be incorporating carbs in to the point counts, but so far that is only scuttlebutt we won't find out what changes are being made to the program until after Thanksgiving.

Also, do you exercise?  Exercise is very helpful at lowering BS levels particularly after meals.

I hope this helps and please check out our discussion board.  I have lost 99.2 pounds on WW since January of '09.

Jen  - LevemirConfused and Novalog Wink A1c 5.8



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What is your HA1c. This will tell you how effective your control is. What meds,if any are you taking?Perhaps you need to be taking something like byetta and/or levemir and get in an exercise program. My numbers are dramatically better with these meds, exercise, and taking a general, ballpark accounting of my daily carbs. My HAic is 5.5 on this program

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Dear Carbs:

Meeting with a  registered dietitian who is a certified diabetes educator can be very helpful when you are trying to develop an individualized meal plan.  If your doctor is unable to suggest one, many outpatient hospital departments have dietitians.  In addition the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the American Dietetic Association have directories of practionners by zip code.   In the meantime, keep a record of the food you eat and bring this with your questions to your doctor's appointment.    A quick way to control your carbohydrate intake until you meet with someone  is to divide your plate in thirds/ one third starches, one third meats or meat substitutes and one third non-starchy vegetables. 

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