Medtronic Paradigm Revel Minimed

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Gzee Posted: Mon, May 16 2011 11:27 PM

Hi there! I am 60, diabetic f for 17 yrs, type 2.  Am getting some pressure from PCP to go on an insulin pump  Have been thru the ringer with endo's who dont listen, pay attn, shove more insulin in, etc etc.  Had Medtronic's CGM on for a study for 6 days. Not the pump.Techie putting pressure on to get me on the pump.  Many questions, no real answers from "real'' people.  First of all there is a major recall about the mini med infusion sets.Nothing of course of this info was mentioned at the seminar.  Most complaints on another blog centered around pumps not providing enuf insulin, causing catastrophic highs, deaths, kinked infusions sets etc.  

So what's everyone's experience with this? Am turned off pump now for sure!!!!

Thank you.Confused

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I have used the Medtronic Minmed (MM) pump for almost 4 years, and it has never failed me. I have nothing but praise for the pump. Next year I will be getting a new pump, and i am going to get the MM Revel. I would never think of choosing a different brand of pump.

I did have some trouble with the Quick sets when I first started, but changed to the Sure-T sets, also sold by MM. They have been wonderful and have never given me problems.

I had a lot of problems with high blood sugar in early December, 2007, and thought the pump was defective. I called the MM hotline and a young lady had me give info from my pump's memory. She concluded that the pump was OK and that I probably had placed mt set in scar tissue. I had never heard of scar tissue, no doctor had ever mentioned that to me. The lady said to stop using my upper abdomen and use other body parts instead. That completely solved my problem. The young lady really impressed me.

I have used insulin for 65 years and am very healthy, but my control is much improved since I have been pumping with my MM pump. I rarely have highs and lows now. Pumping is wonderful!!!


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