Comedy of Errors: Insulin pump failure (x2) and UPS failure

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rkwalton Posted: Fri, Jun 17 2011 6:21 PM

It's rare that I get this upset over something that can easily go wrong like a package delivery.  However, this concerns Medtronic doing the best they can to get me a working insulin pump after mine died on Monday.

I finally got a working pump reattached on Thursday afternoon.  However, between UPS simply being frustratingly bureaucratic and the first replacement pump I got being a defective refurbished one, it was stressful.

I give credit to the UPS reps.  It's just they had no authority to help.  I love how responsive and helpful the Medtronic folks were on this, even with the refurb faux pas. It's converted me back to a loyal customer.

Here is my blog post on what happened.  

Comedy of Errors: Insulin pump failure (x2) and UPS failure

It is a rant, but it's also a call for UPS to fix the hole they have in their delivery system.  They really shouldn't take responsibility for delivering medical equipment if they can't plan for or react to contingencies.  I know they're charging Medtronic a lot. However, most important, when someone's health on the line, they need to get it done.

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