Does Anaemia Have Something to do with Kidney Failure?

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mariazhang Posted: Wed, Nov 9 2011 2:42 AM

Anaemia is very familiar to us. A lot of people around me have this disease. Most of them think it is not a big deal and they will get better if the nutrition is enough. But, for those who have Diabetic Nephropathy, especially those who have developed into kidney failure and need to do hemodialysis, Anaemia can be a very severe condition.

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Dear Mariazhang:

Chronic kidney disease is often associated with anemia.  This is because the kidneys are responsible for making the hormone Erythropoietin  or EPO, which stimulates the bone marrow to make red blood cells.  As kidney function declines the amount of EPO is reduced.  Patients with kidney failure who are anemic are often given EPO.  They may also need additional iron along wth the EPO to treat the anemia.

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For Renal Failure patients, anemia is a very common symptom. If anemia occurs, patients will feel fatigue and weak, they don’t feel like eating anything, which is not good for the recovery of the disease. However, do you know why anemia can appear at Renal Failure stage?

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