Can Obesity Cause Diabetes

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ckdsite Posted: Mon, Apr 2 2012 12:16 AM

With the rapid development of the society and the improvement of life quality, some people have more body weight. And some may even develop into Diabetes. Diabetes is a kind of dangerous disease, which can accompany people in the whole lifetime. Is there any relationship between obesity and Diabetes? Yes. In this passage, we will mainly introduce you how obesity leads to Diabetes.

Firstly, as for those with increased body weight, because the adipocyte becomes fat, the density of insulin receptor in adipocyte becomes smaller, the sensibility to insulin decreases, which leads to high blood glucose. To stop the blood glucose from rising, patients will spare no effort to work and relieve more insulin, which can lead to hyperinsulinemia. With time passing by, insulin becomes tired, the function of which declines. The level of insulin in blood declines, and the blood sugar increases, which even leads to diabetes.

Secondly, for people who are heavier than the normal range, the amount of exercise will generally decrease, which lead to a fact that the body weight increase further. In addition, when people with obesity have less exercise, the metabolism of sugar will also decrease, which leads to increased sugar level in blood.

Thirdly, obesity people usually have high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. It is found out that high blood pressure and high fat level in the blood are dangerous factors which can lead to Diabetes. As a matter of fact, other investigation from abroad also shows that people who are fat are more likely to get Diabetes. So to prevent Diabetes, we should firstly control the intake of energy, take more exercise, thus preventing obesity.

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