Diabetic Foot in Diabetes

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ckdsite Posted: Thu, Apr 5 2012 7:25 AM

Diabetic foot is a general term which includes foot pain, serious ulcer in foot and gangrene in the feet. Besides, all these are the result of high blood sugar level combined with damaged nerve system in the lower limbs.

The worst result is foot ulcer and amputation for people with diabetic foot. Among all the cases of amputation which is not caused by trauma, about forty percent to sixty percent of them are done because of diabetic foot. According to studies, before the amputation, about eighty five percent of patients with diabetic foot have foot ulcer, fifty percent to seventy prevent of them have gangrene and twenty percent to fifty percent of them have infection.

Diabetic foot is the consequence of poor control about high blood sugar. Long-term high blood sugar leads to narrow blood vessels, blocking of blood vessels and poor circulation, all of which can cause insufficiency of blood in the foot nerve cells. Under such circumstance, sensory nerve, motor nerve and autonomic nervous system are damaged which always presents a series of symptoms such as cold lower limbs, numb feet, intermittent claudication, painful feet and infection.


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