Exercises Help to Control Diabetes

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ckdsite Posted: Sun, Apr 8 2012 3:51 AM

Regular exercise is especially beneficial for a person with Diabetes because it can help to get Diabetes controlled. Well then, Howe does exercise help to control Diabetes? Reading the following article and you will get the exact answer.

Sometimes, it seems easier to take a pill or even take a shot than to do exercises. But the fact is that, compared with taking medicine and insulin injection, exercise is the best way for you to control your Diabetes. Because of exercise, your body efficiency is increased and as a result, your body can utilize insulin more effectively. Besides, due to intense exercise, your body requires more sugar to meet the demand of your physical activities. Consequently, large amounts of blood sugar are consumed, which helps you maintain the normal range of your blood glucose level. In combination with a healthy diet, better control of blood sugar lowers the incidence of serious complications of Diabetes such as Diabetic Nephropathy, cardiovascular diseases, eye problem and nerve disease. Through long-term exercise, people with Diabetes are easy to maintain a healthy body weight.

Exercise can increase diabetics’ immunity, making them strong enough to against some minor diseases such as infection and cold. Moreover, exercise is also effective in reducing blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, for people with Diabetes, regular exercise helps in lowering the risk for heart disease.

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