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rae posted on Mon, Apr 16 2012 8:16 AM

I'd like to know when one should expect to experience benefits of weight loss in their AIC / blood sugar levels.  For example, say I lose 15 lbs. or 5% of my body weight - what is the relationship / beenfits to lower AIC / blood sugar levels in trms of time and amount?  I realize this may differ by individual, but I would like some reference point or study to evaluate.  FYI: I'm Type II A1C 6.5 on Glucovance.

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amrad replied on Mon, Apr 16 2012 11:04 AM

No real relationship between weight and A1C. Following a diet low in carbs and exercise, will result in lower blood sugar levels which will in turn result in a lower A1C.

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Madman replied on Mon, Apr 16 2012 12:53 PM

there's no direct relationship that I am aware of.

It is an "in general" thing, that as you lose weight, you might experience a lessening in insulin resistance, and therefore a reduction in blood sugar levels.  This can lead to a reduced need for medication.   It's not an absolute relationship though, and there are some type 2 diabetics who are not overweight.

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