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rlaskey Posted: Thu, Jun 21 2012 2:28 PM

Hello! I do hope that this is appropriate content for this board; please let me know if it belongs elsewhere.

I am living in Boston, with Type 1 as of December, 2011. I'm not really dealing with burnout yet, but I am hoping that anyone who's feeling it can benefit from meeting other diabetics in their area. I've started a group in Boston and now a website in order to organize gatherings, which I'm calling the Happy Fun Time Diabetes Club, or HFTDC. It is for diabetics of any type, and it's only there in order to get people out of the house a bit and fuel some positive interactions. It's not a support group, but for fun, ergo the name.

If you are in the Boston area I hope you can join us, by our mailing list and/or via the Facebook group. If you are not in the Boston area, I would very much like to help set up a group near you. All information is currently located at the website, hftdc.org. I hope you all are well, and thank you for your time.

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