Fiday Funnies Friday the 13th (March 2009)

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donw Posted: Fri, Mar 13 2009 8:38 AM

Reward for my efforts


A very devout man, who was very over weight, decided to go on a diet. One of his main problems with eating was that he would stop for donuts every morning on the way to work.


So to make things easier for himself, he changed his route to work to avoid the temptation of stopping.


As the weeks went by he started losing a lot of weight and was receiving compliments from his friends and co-workers.


Then one morning without thinking, he accidentally turned onto the road which would take him by the donut shop. At first he was going to turn around but then he thought to himself, "Maybe the Lord is rewarding me for my efforts".


So, he said a short prayer telling the Lord that if this was His true intention let there be an open parking place directly in front of the shop...


...and sure enough, on the fifth time around the block there was an open spot right up front.



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whalen replied on Fri, Mar 13 2009 11:12 AM

Good one, Don, as always!


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Simi_Papa replied on Fri, Mar 13 2009 2:44 PM

Will power is everything!!!  Thanks Don.


"May the Force be with you!"

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