Publicity About The 50-Year Medal

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tomjef Posted: Mon, Oct 1 2012 1:10 PM

In recent months I have posted online in a couple of places that I have observed that when the medal office posts a picture of the 50-year medal, usually it shows just one of the two sides - the runner with the torch. I suspect this is because that's the more artistic of the two sides. The other side is all text. But to me, and I suspect to most recipients, that text is so important: "For 50 Courageous Years With Diabetes".


Two days ago I received a card from our researcher, Hillary Keenan. She said "FYI I've started using 'For 50 courageous years with diabetes' rather than the other side." Thank you, Hillary. That really means a lot to me.

Tom Beatson


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Well done Tom!!

At the ADA Step Out Walk in September I wore a Medalist Top and my Medal... with the the torch runner showing, and this Sunday 10-14-2012 I will wear it the other side out...the text Wink I still smile in disbelief each time I read that text!!

Annette Richardson-Bienkowski

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PS:  This Sunday in Niantic CT it is the JDRF Walk for The Cure Yes

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