dexcom G4 Major Issues

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Drawdeylf Posted: Tue, May 28 2013 9:09 PM
I have recieved the "Newest G4" sensor system. After only 1 real sensor run. I am have extreme out of tolerance ranges on my meter. I have spent days on the phone. WASTED 4 brand new sensors. Conrad who is 1 of 4 ""HEAD of Tech TEAM" members is no longer returning my calls. What is Pathetic, is I put in a Cheated number to get the sensor closer to "Reality. Which was 102% out of tolerance it said 315 and I was 155 in actuall blood sugars, They say I am to blame for their machines error.
Even after replacing that sensor and doing what they say to do!!!! I/E Washing my hands with soap and water only. Calibrating on flat arrows only, (Which the manual says you can do other wise), I find this company to be lying to me DIRECTLY!~! It only took me a hour to search thru forums to find dozens of people having this same issue!!!!!!!!!!!! In which I am told they have not heard of this issue at all ""WOW"" Angry
I am a studying DIABETIC EDUCATOR and NUTRITIONIST, and I find this company to be lacking in professionalism, responcibility, and the fact that we will just replace your sensor, to be inadequate! It is rather dubious how they get your money and you are on your own. to figure out the issues with their tech Department?.
If you are having or have had these issues. I am collecting data at this point on this issue. the issue of your sensor being out of range as much as mine has and over the reccommended allowance as they say.
I would like to hear from you. Contact me via or by cell if you have questions as to if they cleared up my issues. 805 302 3339 today is May 25 2013 I will be posting this everywhere i can find so let me know where you came across my posting please...... Ed
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