does anyone else have cortisol problems rather than diabetes

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Neil Grossbard Posted: Fri, Jun 28 2013 4:36 PM

I have had problems digesting sugar, starch and alcohol since June 1957.    I recently concluded that my problem is probably adrenal hyperplasia (found one other person with almost exactly the same problems).   I am going to find out.   In any case the diet which works for me (and many diabetics) is a severe Atkins type diet.   With this diet I have very few problem (took awhile for the Vasovagal problems and chronic fatigue to dissipate).   I should mention that the major difference is that I suddenly feel better when having hypoglycemic symptoms and a little later I feel a shaking (adrenal gland active creating cortisol). Could any staff member tell me if Joslin has ever told a hypoglycemic suffer that they probably have a cortisol problem?

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Dear Mr. Grossbard

Cortisol is an anti-insulin hormone so it has opposite effects from insulin - a high cortisol state will elevate glucose level whereas a low cortisol state can be associated with hypoglycemia.  So patients on insulin who develop increased hypoglycemia often despite lowering insulin dosages - need to have an evaluation for adrenal insufficiency and low cortisol state. 

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