PLease is there anyone in the world can help me?

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Debbie Q Posted: Tue, Sep 17 2013 5:54 PM

Hi my name is Debbie i am 33 years old and i have searched and emailed everybody to see if i could get help with my diabetic supplies. I am out of Testing Strips and i cant afford to pay the full price not having insurance . I am in a mess and if anyone out there could try to donate a box to me that be great. It would help alot . I try to test 3 times aday but lately only once, and ive had diabetes since i was 17 . I am not trying to be greedy or look a handout but this is all i can do write up here and hope someone could try to help a little. I am worried about not being able to test regulary because my aunt went blind and im so scared i know it runs in the family and it be easier to make sure that doenst happen to me if i could test more. Thank you so much and i hope and pray you can help!

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Kristina replied on Fri, Sep 27 2013 3:16 PM

I found this on the Tudiabetes website.  Have you tried contacting the test strip company that you use?

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roxanne replied on Sat, Jun 28 2014 7:44 AM

The Relion Meter and test strips at Walmart are very cheap.  Only $9 for a box of 50.

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