My husband is being tested for Diabetes

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Dodie Posted: Sun, Nov 17 2013 4:48 AM

My husband is being tested for Type 2 Diabetes. He went to see the doctor because he was always thirty and had frequent urination. The doctor did a urine analysis and it slowed sugar is his urine. The doctor said "You have Diabetes. We're doing tests to see how severe". Then the doctor ordered blood work. 

Looking at the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, I should have seen this sooner in my husband. He's had skin problems, excessive thirst, frequent urination, slow to heal, numbness of his feet, blurry vision and irritability. I say I should have seen it because he's had hypoglycaemia for 20 years, it can be a precursor for Type 2 Diabetes. 

I'm worried about my husband. I need advice on how to support him through this life change. 


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