Fasting blood sugar & delayed increase

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bjm2363 Posted: Sat, Mar 8 2014 2:36 PM

I have a quick question... I have been keeping track of my blood sugar in the AM and randomly 2 hour post meal.  My morning numbers are getting higher- I am currently pre-diabetic. My doctor sent me in for labs this am...fasting glucose and A1C.  I took my morning reading as usual and it was 115 on my meter.  I went in to Quest and had to wait fairly long so it was about 1 hour and a half later when they drew my blood.  I thought I'd check again on my meter immediately after the lab  for a comparison.  But my reading was now 137 on my meter even though I hadn't eaten or drank anything since the earlier reading.  Any idea why it would be higher? 

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nance replied on Sun, Mar 23 2014 1:03 AM

Sure.  Liver will release glucose in the form of glycogen if you don't eat anything, because it thinks you need glucose to prepare you for your day's activities.  This is not a problem in people who don't have diabetes, because body takes care of it automatically.  This is also sometimes called "Dawn Phenomenon", and why (unless you're fasting for labs) it's usually best to have something to eat as soon as possible after testing first thing in the morning, to prevent it going higher.

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bjm2363 replied on Sun, Apr 27 2014 7:49 PM

Thanks Nance..I have another question:

I have been keeping track of my numbers so I can see what effect food has on my readings. My fasting numbers have increased from 97-107 to 106-117 in the past two weeks. The strange thing is that other than two post-meal readings 140 or higher in the evening, my Blood glucose readings have been consistently between 110-133. Why would my fasting readings increase when my post meal readings in the evening have been fine? I'm not waking up during the night with symptoms of dropping low so I don't think it would be from my liver. It seems kind of strange to me, but maybe two weeks is too soon to be a pattern?

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Tor replied on Thu, May 29 2014 1:00 AM

In addition to what Nance mentioned about glucose releases from the liver in the morning, there are a few other factors that could result in unusually high morning readings.

From my experience the most common of these is if you are dealing with some kind of illness like a cold or the flu or an infection, which very often results in increased blood sugar readings.

A second option is the delayed release syndrome - which can happen if we are having digestive problems or have eaten an evening meal with a high carb and a high fat content.

A third, less common but still real option is that stress brought on by circumstances in our life - at work, with family or friends - can easily provoke higher than usual blood sugar readings as the release of glucose is one of our body's defence mechanisms against those things.



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