Pre- Diabetes and type 2

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kradindj Posted: Thu, Jun 19 2014 4:13 PM


I am fairly new as just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Consistently I have had readings in the 100-111 fasting everyday. However, I notice my sugar is actually significantly lower after meals. Every afternoon about 3-4 hours after I eat lunch i start feeling exhausted and jittery. Yesterday, I drank sugar soda and felt a bit better after.  Today, I ate lunch and took my reading 2.5 hours after I ate lunch and 30 min after I ate an apple as a snack ( I am not eating huge amounts of carbohydrates or sugar). Also. My reading was 82. I still feel shaky and tired even after the apple.  I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue? I am not sure if this normal or what?



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Hi, I am wondering if you are actually pre diabetic? I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and my numbers were 150-60, I am not sure about the 82 reading, that is actually normal for many people according to the American Diabetes Association can diabetes go away I am wondering if you are actually dehydrated, this can be the cause of much of the shakiness. Are you eating enough? Breakfast is very important to keep the blood sugar steady. When I was not drinking enough water my blood sugar also reads higher, make sure you are eating enough an getting enough water. (I aim for 2 liters a day).   

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Hi, I am wondering if there is a body weight issue? I also always warning people to listen to the legs, the legs can tell a lot and this is where we got the first diagnose of diabetes in my family.  heavy tired legs are linked to high blood sugar and heart disease We discovered this from a routine check up. 

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