How to lose weight

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newtodiabetes Posted: Mon, Dec 8 2014 11:15 AM

Hi, most of you know I am still trying to lose the weight for the coming weight, thank you Mary for the diet from Sweden   how to lose weight

I am just letting you all know that I appreciate your emails and support, I am still not there yet but I still have time. I have not hear from you in a while momwithkids, did you get my message of facebook? 

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Tor replied on Sat, Dec 27 2014 8:47 PM

One thing I discovered during the 16 years I've been managing my diabetes type 2 (including managing my weight) is that neither diet nor exercise alone will do the trick - there's got to be a synergy with an emphasis on both. Anytime I slacked off on my daily walking routine my blood sugars would start creeping up, as they would if I started eating without regard to the mealplans I have been following. I should add that I've been doing this without medications or insulin, the equation would of course be different if I was on meds.

The long and short of it as far as weightloss is concerned is that when I started my self management in the late 90s I weighed 224 lbs which even with my 6'1" put me pretty close to being obese. After three months of low GI eating (e.g. barley instead of rice, ryebread instead of any kind of bread from grains, squash instead of pasta, oatmeal instead of cereal) and a 40 minute walk after each meal, my weight had dropped to 210 lbs. By the end of the year I was at around 190 lbs and it continued like that until I'd come below 180 lbs, which was a sort of thresh hold. Parallel to that BG numbers dropped, for example morning fasting down from around 128 to around 90 and hba1c down from 8.6 to 5.2. Once again my main point of advice is that it takes both - a healthy diet and an active activity program - to make the lbs roll off.

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