Desperate to lose 20 pounds

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newtodiabetes Posted: Thu, Feb 12 2015 11:45 AM

OK folks here is my latest update. Most of you know that I was trying to lose 75 pounds for a late spring wedding coming up and I am doing really well. I have hit a little plateau though, I have lost about 30 pounds but it is not coming off as fast as in the beginning.  

I am doing the Swedish thin diet  desperate to lose 20 pounds

and a bunch of other stuff.  I am not doing any exercise because i have bad joints and I had a very bad experience falling in the past. 

Also make sure your scale is working right, I have had to change 3 low cost scales because they were not accurate. I now have a really good one which matches the same weight as at the doctor's office. I will update my progress later in the month.  Kisses.

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Yes, Momwithkids, I got your email. I am doing the Yogurt recipe


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