Migraine and elevated BS

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Yvonne posted on Mon, Mar 9 2015 10:46 PM

My husband and I are both T2 diabetics.  He was diagnosed about 2 years ago and has poor control.  Yesterday morning, he woke with a debilitating headache and vomiting that got worse as the day progressed.  He has been in the hospital since last night.  When we got here, his sugar was around 250.  They have done a CT scan and a lumbar puncture to rule out an aneurysm.  So far we are waiting for those results.  He is scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow.  He had insatiable thirst yesterday and naturally, increased urination.  He drank some orange juice and had some fruit and popsicles.  His last blood sugar reading about an hour ago was 384.  Has anyone had a similar experience with this?  I know without the test results, it could be a number of things.  Am I correct to consider elevated BS as a possible reason why he had this severe headache?  He really hasn't had a headache at all since high school (over 25 years ago).


Thank you for any insight,


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