More Diabetes Drugs causing Heart Failure

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newtodiabetes Posted: Wed, Mar 18 2015 2:23 PM

Hi Folks, a new study showing that more diabetes drugs are causing heart failure. 

Here Diabetes Drugs Side Effects

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Tor replied on Sat, May 2 2015 1:15 PM

I read the article and would take with a pinch of salt the statement that "most doctors prescribe diabetes medications" etc. without considering the diet alternatives.

My experience in the 17 years since I was diagnosed is that just about all doctors I've seen - and that includes family doctors as well as endocrinologists - view a proper diet and exercise regime, i.e. lifestyle changes - as the very first line of defense in managing diabetes type 2. Unfortunately most of their patients will mumble something under their breath when the doctor finishes his or speech and will then quickly return to the sedentary routines and unhealthy diet that led them on the path to diabetes type 2. Only when Hba1c levels reach threatening levels - i.e. above 7.0 - will doctors insist that their patient considers a drug like metformin. And for most of those patients that is just what they want - their mentality is not 'tell me what I can do to manage my diabetes type 2' it is 'leave me alone and just give me a pill for it and stop bothering me with this nonsense about giving up spending half my day on my couch gobbling down pizzas and ice-cream and swigging beer'" That's an unpleasant truth but nonetheless the truth for millions of patients in North America and Asia where type 2 now has become a rampant, lifestyle caused epidemic. .

The truth is that the biggest danger to patients with diabetes type 2 is not the pharmaceutical companies and their profitable blood sugar lowering drugs, but the patients themselves and the self destructive mentality that put them where they are now. (And yes, genes do matter as well, but genes do not cause diabetes type 2, they only make people susceptible to it if they make the wrong lifestyle choices. Witness how the Chinese have gone from diabetes type 2 being virtually unknown to 30 million cases and counting, proportionate to the rise of affluence and the number of Macdonalds, Pizzahut and Burgerking outlets in the country.)

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