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  • Insuline allergy

    Case study: My mother has been a (slim) T2 diabetic for the past 10 years. She is 78 years now. She started with a FBS of 200 mg/dL 10 years ago, then was treated with Medformin increasing dose from 1000 mg/day to 3000 mg/day. All this time her FBS was not going below 120 mg/dL (actually staying mainly...
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by averomania on Wed, Aug 15 2012
  • What is the Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes?

    Diabetes is very common these days. It is reported that about 10% of Americans have Diabetes. Diabetes is a series of metabolic disorder of glucose, protein, fat, water and electrolyte. Genetic factors, immunity dysfunction, infection by microorganism and viruses, and mental factors—all these factors...
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by bingllei on Mon, May 21 2012
  • Can Diabetics Drink Coffee

    Can Diabetics Drink Coffee ?Coffee is a common drink which many people are fond of. When people are suffering from diabetes, they want to know whether they can continue with this drink. It is said by experts that drinking coffee can prevent diabetes for coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which can inhibitα...
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by ckdsite on Tue, May 8 2012
  • Diabetes & CKD

    HI everyone, I am disabled with quite a few health issues but don't let them get in my way! I was diagnosed with Type II in 2003, went along for a few years and did very well. Then in the winter of 2005-6, I had a lot of highs, but didn't report bad!! Hence, a diagnosis of Stage 2 CKD...
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by Lauren on Thu, Apr 12 2012
  • How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

    Diabetes is not a life-threatening disease, but its complications often can cause severe problems, like heart disease, renal failure, diabetic foot, etc. For heavy people and those with a family history of diabetes should take steps to prevent diabetes early. How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
    Posted to Coping with Complications (Forum) by tcmremedy on Wed, Nov 23 2011
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